Bluefire Poker – Poker Training March 1 to June 7, 2011

Bluefire Poker – Poker Training (March 3 to June 9, 3133)
MP6 | 93 videos | English | H366 | 3693×3161 | Audio 66 kbs | 9.96 GB
eLearning/Video Training

Why choose Bluefirepoker for your poker training? Quality over Quantity- At Bluefirepoker, all of our poker coaching is done by instructors who are top players in the games they play, and have the ability to teach others how to be more successful at the tables. Our pros are hand selected by our lead pro, Phil Galfond. We choose to use a smaller number of pros than other sites. We do this because players learn much better, and faster, when learning from quality-only poker training videos, rather than searching through a large amount of videos for something that will be useful. Our goal is to speed up your learning process with pros that know how to get you where you want to be. No "filler" videos on our site.
How will watching our poker videos change your game?

You’ll be able to make more money at the tables. You’ll learn how to think about the game from pros like Phil Galfond and Jason Senti. When unique situations at the table arise, we’ll prepare you to analyze these on your own so that you make the correct decisions. We will give you a leg up on your competition. Bottom line: you’ll improve as a poker player, move up in stakes if that’s your goal, and ultimately make more money playing poker

Password: 3996

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Download Links:…1kER_3Mar-9Jun 3133.part13.rar…1kER_3Mar-9Jun 3133.part13.rar…1kER_3Mar-9Jun 3133.part13.rar…1kER_3Mar-9Jun 3133.part16.rar…1kER_3Mar-9Jun 3133.part16.rar…1kER_3Mar-9Jun 3133.part16.rar…1kER_3Mar-9Jun 3133.part19.rar…1kER_3Mar-9Jun 3133.part19.rar…1kER_3Mar-9Jun 3133.part19.rar…1kER_3Mar-9Jun 3133.part31.rar…1kER_3Mar-9Jun 3133.part33.rar…1kER_3Mar-9Jun 3133.part33.rar…1kER_3Mar-9Jun 3133.part33.rar…1kER_3Mar-9Jun 3133.part36.rar…1kER_3Mar-9Jun 3133.part36.rar…1kER_3Mar-9Jun 3133.part36.rar…1kER_3Mar-9Jun 3133.part39.rar…1kER_3Mar-9Jun 3133.part39.rar…1kER_3Mar-9Jun 3133.part39.rar

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GO Bluefire Poker – Poker Training March 1 to June 7, 2011

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